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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> general -- out there shooting this yesterday afternoon and it was coming down. the visibility at times down a half mile or less and we know down to west, even page county let out early yesterday due to the snow that was falling up there. its going in two hours late this morning as circumstance would have it. some accumulation that did stick to the road surfaces out west. the day planner on this monday morning. temperatures down to 34 in town with cloudy skies, up pore's, still a good amount of clouds and still fog out west i do believe. by noon mostly sunny, 47 and by five sitting at 50 degrees after getting into the lower 50s. here is a look at the radar going back yesterday. all of this blue was snow. some of it was moderate at times, quickly pulled away yesterday evening. this morning though the clouds are hanging tough. the low level moisture, fog, big problems, visibility down
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to one quarter mile. quarter -- lees bug. even down in southern maryland. the air force base, visibility dropped to half mile to three quarters, some temperatures actually below freezing. watch out. isolated spot or two. with more on the traffic here is monica. >> it'll be the low lying fog that will be the issue closer into town. good morning the beltway is doing fine. we will zoom in first to the parkway and route 50 inside the beltway. are you doing fine. let's look at the beltway in college park and again it was the fog that was the issue early this morning. on the outer loop of the beltway now you have that volume forming over to the 95 and silver spring. the lanes open. no big delays to worry about. the maps and this time let's head further south into oxen and brandywine. no problems to report on route five and 301 into the beltway. a live look near the air force
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base at route 4, pennsylvania avenue, heading south to the wilson bridge. it's the fog, no problems though to report with volume. pretty light as we head for the area. more on area roadways at 5:10. >> thank you. all eyes on new hampshire this morning. the fir primary in the nation. people are taking a closer look including us at the primary where mitt romney's lead is going down. >> we are live in the satellite center monitoring the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the latest out of new hampshire. those last figures we took a look at showed huntsman inches his way toward romney with everybody else sharpening their attacks. let's take a look at video. about five hours ago republicans republicans started casting votes, with two votes each going to romney and must man. now they are in a tie in that
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small town. new hampshire has been buzzing with activity from the field as they try to win over voters with huntsman and ron paul courting the independent vote which of course makes this primary in new hampshire unique from any other republican primary. >> the classic, new hampshire primary. in that the people i think make it impossible for the pollsters to figure out what's going on. >> in the end if you are going to beat obama you have to convince some -- that's called electionible. >> it makes to sense to spend over a trillon dollars overseas. let's spend it here. >> give us that boost to show that the momentum is continuing so we can go kick butt in south carolina. >> reporter: and speaking of south carolina the governor decided to skip new hampshire.
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the governor is already campaigning in south carolina hoping to gain momentum there. you can see him shaking hands there with lots of people in south carolina. coming up in a half hour we will take a closer look at some of the attacks we just mentioned against the presumed front runner at this point. mitt romney. back to you. >> thank you. while the republicans battle it out to see who will be the nominee the president is not just standing by. the president spoke at a campaign fundraiser last night in washington. he compared the field of gop candidates to the republicans opposing his republicans on capitol hill. he urged supporters to elect him to another term so he can accomplish all of the changes he promised in 2008. a major shake up at the white house after just a year on the job the president's chief of staff is resigning. he replaced the former chief of staff, he resigned to run for
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mayor of chicago. budget director will take over and manage the president's team. >> a maryland man accused of trying to join a terrorist organization has made his first court appearance. he held a coat over his head walking away from the courthouse. he is from laurel and was arrested friday and charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorists. he is facing 15 years in prison if convicted and has another hearing scheduled for tomorrow. dc police offering a 25,000- dollar reward for help solving a murder of a 19-year-old. it appears the victim david lee robertson or whoever was with him was armed and may have exchanged gun fire with the killers. he was shot to death sunday. his killers also stole 200- dollar pair of shoes he was wearing. they are looking for a car with
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bullet holes. workers at the mood lounge northwest dc are accused of trying to hinder a police investigation after a stabbing there december 30th. according -- club people claimed blood stains were just cranberry juice and that the security and even the owner tried to hinder and mislead officers with the alcoholic control board. an merge yeah shut down was ordered. the a spokesperson said they are being unfairly targeted by neighbors who don't want a nightclub near them. >> the time now, 5:06 and i am watching your money. two major themes now in wall street. investors continue to watch the debt crisis and they are hoping for good news out of earning season. after the bell a producer swung from a loss -- from a profit but shares higher in after hours trading because of a positive outlook for the company. checking the numbers wall street.
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the dow stands at 12, 392 out -- nasdaq and s and p both up by two points. you may find some unpleasant splice surprises when you start filing tax return, fewer tax breaks, congress allowed more than 50 tax breaks to expire while they were on vacation. really important ones, including the mortgage insurance deduction as well as the higher education tuition deduction and the schoolteacher tax deduction. it's very important to note that lawmakers could decide to extend them when they return from their break. a sprawling new restaurant in downtown washington is dishing out more than dinner items like sushi and hanger steak. it's the hamilton. the newest venue for music and entertainment. the group held a grand opening on monday, the restaurant is located at 614th street northwest. this is the week you can buy a big pizza dinner or eat
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at a fancy restaurant without the big ticket price. it's restaurant week in washington. more than 200 area restaurants dishing out special menus through sunday. the cost, $20.12 for lunch, and $35 and 12-cents for dinner. i love restaurant week. >> i love restaurants. still ahead the fbi says agents have thwarted a lone wolf terrorist attack in tampa. >> and a town where the snow started falling on christmas and it hasn't stopped. >> and the national championship of college football between lsu and alabama and this time there was a touchdown which is not the case tentless two defensive teams. we will be right back. >> you're watching 9 news now. join the conversation on facebook and twitter. we want to heary story ideas and opinions.
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. tuesday morning, watch out for fog and west of town couple of spots of fallen below freezing. slick spots a possibility. the day planner, the fog and the clouds for the next few hours, probably through midmorning. we will see temperatures 40 by nine. by noon upper 40a. the sun will be out there, we will get to the low 50s. i'm coming back in less than five minutes talking about a rain storm moving this way and then a look at a colder weekend. here is monica. >> and here is wilson bridge on the south side of town. it'll be the fog you are dealing with in the morning but the lanes are open and volumes are light across the bridge. i will look in to the district next time around at 5:17. >> thank you. making news now at 5:10 this morning a 25-year-old accused of planning a terrorist attack.
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the american citizen, the fbi said he was arrested after buying fake firearms and explosives from an undercover agent. >> a court in iran sentenced an american to death after convicting him of working for the cia. the 28-year-old is a former marine who worked as a translator in iraq and afghanistan. his father says he was visiting his grandmothers when he was arrested. >> you know it's bad when there is to much snow for people in alaska for the winter and the town of cordova. the snow has been falling since christmas day and 18 feet has been falling. shelters are opening will more snow expected. >> that put itself in perspective. >> now we at least only saw flurries but coming up howard has much colder air in the
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seven day forecast. >> and 5:56 the report honoring a local group that's been helping the homeless more than two decades. >> and at 5:23 alabama avenges it's only loss of the year.
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. we have 32 degrees right at the freezing mark. things could be changeable depending where you are. >> the next couple hours, two big problems, one the fog, the other, 32 degrees, that's freezing and surfaces especially the elevated surfaces, could have slick spots that haven't been treated. just take it easier that morning, maybe give yourself a few extra minutes. the bus stop forecast, that's where we start. we have fog, temperatures and temperatures running below freezing. some spots in the upper 20s. areas along the bay, southern maryland. mid to up pore's and sunrise until 7:26 setting at 5:05. the clouds, will be still around in many areas but 9:00 or 8:00 as you -- depends on how quickly we can mix out some of the fog, 9:00 o'clock 40 degrees. by is 11 most of us in the sun.
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44, winds start to kick out of the west. 12 miles an hour with a temperature of 50 and low 50s, should make the highs for today with a nine mile an hour wind at 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. winds northwest at seven and we sit at 50. the visibilities the big issue this morning, some of them down to a quarter mile, even less than that. southern maryland. lynnered town, we have -- four down at the naval air station. with you go west and soup. culpepper, route 29, i-81 the fog down that way. visibility -- hagerstown, even montgomery, over to sterling, western fairfax, visibilities are rather low and temperatures just below freezing. upper 20s to low 30s west of town. locally you request see arlington from 30. it's -- hey market 28, these are the areas where concerned
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about the slick spots, columbia, watch out you could fall below freezing, 33 -- there in southeast prince georgia. look at the weather camera. the capitol, the clouds just starting to hug the top of the dome. we have a reading of 34 at regan national with cloudy skies, 28, a west southwest wind at seven and the humidity high at 87%. we have a rain storm headed this way. it's down in texas this morning and louisiana. track it through mississippi. the upper level storm the rain and snow across parts of west texas, that gets here by midmorning tomorrow. rain tomorrow, only 45, could be an early shower thursday, partly sunny, 52 and then by
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thursday night the cold air comes n friday cold and windy, snow showers 36. we stay in the 30s through the weekend. >> the list -- looks like the. >> we have one accident -- i will get to that we will look at the southeast side, things are quiet here, no problems to report up -- toward pennsylvania avenue. we will go back to the map and this time head to the inn bound side of 395 on the southbound side in the hov lines, watch for the didn'ts, we will look for the live look and as you can see things are looking fine on 395. a little further into downtown and take a look here.
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pennsylvania avenue and the northwest corridor, near the continental hotel everything is fine. back to the graphics, we want to give you the heads up. red line single tracking this morning. in my next report another look at 525. first metro says its finished inspecting the brakes 2, 3, and 4,000 rare cars, that after a friction ring fell off a train friday. the metro said it's replaced more than 290 of the rings that showed science of wear but the transit agency stresses it's only done as a precaution. >> thank you. see new a bit. the cats game ended early. we will have highlights. >> and revenge sweet when it has a national championship as alabama sports a win over lsu to rule the world of college football. >> before we go to break another look at the question of the day. what is the -- do you think the
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largest toy distributor, wal- mart, mcdonalds or toys r us. . and a look at a response you posted on the facebook fan page. one wrote i would say mcdonalds because while they aren't a retailer they give out toys. >> log onto facebook fan page and leave your response, we will answer the question in the 6:00 thousand.
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welcome back. have some temperatures below freezing and some slick spots, so be careful. lots of sunshine takes over mid- day. lunch time temperatures mid-, upper 40s. and looks like all of the snow from yesterday will melt, then we have some rain on the way. could get heavy on wednesday. well, the capital defense has improved recently. >> but last night was the kings breaking out of their dr. drought. -- out of their drought. the caps lose 5-2.
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good morning, everybody. we've seen plenty of high- scoring bowl games this season, but last night's title game was supposed to be anything but that. bcs championship in new orleans. there is nick saban and the tide, versus les miles and the tigers. no touchdown in this game until the fourth quarter. jordan jefferson fumbles the ball. lsu's chances of a comeback squashed, and then trent richardson has the only touchdown of the game. alabama is your 2012 national championship, 21-0. tight college game last night, cincinnati versus george town. chance for the final shot and
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the tie, but porter, watch this, steps out of bounds, lose the ball, lose the ball game. georgetown drops their second big east game. 68-64. >> west virginia taking on the huskies. doan with the dunk, tie's it up, and then in the final seconds, doan with a chance again, but misses. west virginia falls to connecticut. police are remind you go take some precautions before you're the victim of a burglary. that story is coming up. >> plus a few votes have already been cast in today's first presidential primary of the 2011 season. monica? >> we have some fog, and now an accident in virginia, the inner loop of the beltway, in the left lane. crews are just arriving on the
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season. more on that and other area roadways at 5:30.
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well welcome back. >> i was talking to jessica, but that's okay. >> we're doing eight out of order. we're having fun with it. >> we have some fog, temperatures below freezing in spots. that's going to cause some slick areas, and in paige county, virginia, they're going to wait an extra two hours. they're on a two-hour delay at page county schools. our day planner for you on this tuesday. we have the fog and the clouds around early. they'll start to burn off. by 9:00, upper 30s, by noon,
5:30 am
mostly sunny, and 47. and at 5:00 p.m., 50. look at the radar going back to 5:30, all of that blue and pink is the wintery mix, the snow that we had yesterday. some areas, two inches. an inch and a half in hunting town. some of the fog is rather dense this morning out to our west. we have to watch out for that. even south and east now. an trues air force base, quart -- an drews air force base, quarter-mile individual. monica, over to you. >> you're absolutely right. now we do have an accident on the west side of town, already on the beltway. this is the inner loop.
5:31 am
we'll go to a live picture here. the left lane is block, and crews have arrived on the scene on the are in loop in inon dale. we'll go back over to the map. this time let's look at the north side of town. no problems on the beltway here. a live look at university boulevard. i saw crews standing by just in case of any precipitation or wet road conditions. coming up in my next report at 5:39, we'll take another look around the area. back to you guys. >> a maryland family is planning a funeral now. >> matthew sidlers family went to dover air force base to claim the body of the airman. he was killed in an ied blast.
5:32 am
flags were flown in honor of the young man for his military service. >> rats are causing for concern for health officials. the health department spokesperson said they are in contact with other agents about the campsites at freedom plaza and mcfierceen square, which are both on public property. we are taking a closer look at the nation's first primary this morning. new hampshire is had to push up its vote to today to keep the title of first primary. when other states moved their primaries to january. we have the latest on the attacks on front-runner mitt romney. >> we've been taking a close look at the information coming out of new hampshire this morning, as folks are gearing up for the primary a little later today. to the many polls that we've
5:33 am
been looking at show that romney is still certainly the front-runner in this race, there are many candidates who are trying to sway those undecided voters, hoping for an all-out shocker when the polls close in new hampshire. romney's record has been targeted as massachusetts governor. newt gingrich has been going after romney's history of tax increases in the bay state. but every candidate is using romney's own words against him. >> enjoys firing people. i enjoy creating jobs. >> a couple of timeis wondered if i was going to get a pink slip. >> i have no idea whether romney was worried about pink slips, whether he was going to have enough of them to hand out. >> that's rick perry talking to voters in south carolina. he has skipped new hampshire entirely to spend some more time in south carolina and
5:34 am
focus on the 10% unemployment rate in that state. polls open inspect new hampshire in just a short time, about an hour or so, they close at 8:00 p.m. it is going to be very busy day, you have can imagine the candidates are already out knocking on doors, talking to folks, gearing up, and hoping for the best as the polls close a little later tonight. >> a federal judge has temporarily blocked distribution of absentee ballots for virginia's republican presidential primary in march men judge does not want absentee ballots made available until the rules on a lawsuit regarding that primary. rick perry claims the rules are too strict. at this point, only mitt romney and ron paul have qualified to be on the ballot. >> today a maryland man will be
5:35 am
sentenced on federal charges faces a mandatory sentence of 97 years in prison, but he is still awaiting trial in st. georges county for murder. he has not been charged in another case for murder. montgomery county police have made at least 9 arrests, and they're hoping to catch even more suspects. in the meantime, they're asking everyone please follow simple safety rules, if you can, like lock your doors, and cutting your bushes back so people can't hide from them. >> you want to keep shrubs away from windows and doors. >> police are also saying if
5:36 am
you're going out of town, have someone pick up your newspaper and things delivered to your front door. they said at the very least, make sure if if you're away, it still looks like you're at home. >> i am watching your money. a possible mixup at a factory has left to a huge drug recall. powerful prescription painkillers including percoex may have been packaged with other medicines by mistake. the drugs being recalled all have the expiration dates of 2014 or earlier. according to apple insider, you'll soon be able to buy your ipod, ipad, or i mac at another big box retailer. they will soon be selling those items in target stores. commuters take a listen,
5:37 am
here is a deal you might find hard to refuse if you commute. there's a plan in the works to pay drivers to car pool. the northern virginia regional commission is organizing the program called real-time ride sharing. it allows riders to find rides using a smart phone app. the fund for a pilot program is coming from the state and the federal government. coming up, another dubious traffic distinction share bade number of suburbs. >> plus plans in place to protect the grand canyon.
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a dampness out here with the fog, it's cold, temperatures anywhere from the upper 20s to low 30s, and some of the fog dense from areas away from downtown, but
5:40 am
evendown, our visibilities are dropping. still expect some cloudiness around here at the 9:00 hour, but then sunshine will emerge. 50 by 1:00. we've got some rain, could be heavy at times, headed this way. here is monica. a live look at the beltway near route 50. more on area roadways coming up once again at 5:48, but first, according to the u.s. census bureau, when it comes to cities with a poplation between 50 and 100,000 people, people living in dale city, virginia, have the worst commute in the country.
5:41 am
six of the 10 worst medium sized city commutes are right here. back to you. the obama administration announce $new measures to preserve the grand canyon. ken salazar wants a 20-year ban on new mining climbs for about a million acres around the grand canyon. congressional republicans and the mining industry have been fighting such a band. salazar says uranium is important, but also said the grand canyon must be preserved. for the if i ever time, the state of maryland is recognizing two american indian tribes indigenous to this area. the governor signed the order yesterday. the groups had to establish continuous presence in the state for more than 220 years.
5:42 am
the 2010 census report shows more than 23,000 native americans living in maryland.  some wonder in hiking the gas tax isn't a good idea for the commonwealth. that story is coming up. and could last night's show in new york city shed some light on the front-runners for this year's oscars? well, let's see who is having a birthday today. if it's your birthday. happy birthday. we'll be right back.
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we had some pretty little sprinkles out there yesterday,
5:46 am
but it's getting cold outside. >> and some snow, in some cases, an inch, even two. even summer maryland had some snow on the ground. your bus stop forecast. when it's humid, you feel it. so it is chilly and foggy and damp this morning. temperatures running from the upper 20s to the upper 30s. watch out for those slick spots, especially west of town. paige county, virginia on a two- hour delay today because of concerns of some slick spots. by mid-morning 40ish, fog taking a little time to burn off, but by noon, mostly sunny,
5:47 am
upper 40s. we'll be into the low 50s for highs. so a good day ahead once we get rid of the fog and the low clouds, and these visibilities, look at that, half mile, quarter-mile, even in town now, reagan national, we've been watching that visible go south on morning. down to 3/4. and at pax river, your visibility one half mile there. as we look outside on the weather camera, we can barely see the capitol dome now. the humidity is at 87%. looking west, this is where we have those temperatures, especially, which are subfreezing. hagerstown, 28. but look on the other side of
5:48 am
the mountain, cumberland, 41 degrees, so milder air not that far away. but the dampness, as i was talking about, that cold cuts right through you. down in texas, still watching a little snow on the back side of this storm system here with the rain across the red river valley. heavy rains in parts of mississippi and louisiana. this is wednesday's rain, and this will be moving towards us starting tomorrow morning. tonight is going to be generally clear, although by tomorrow morning, a few clouds may start to show up, and then the rain is going to move in pretty quickly on wednesday. so we'll get rid of the clouds, we're sunny by noon, looks like the afternoon is going to be fairly quiet and mild, maybe just a bit breezy. when the precip starts tomorrow out west in the higher elevations, it may be cold enough for some sleet or wet snowflakes to mix in there, but we're going to see wet weather here through the day. temperatures in the mid-40s. here is 6:45 tomorrow evening.
5:49 am
some of this rain, you see a lot of yellows in there, that's moderate rainfall, but then we'll see clearing thursday. we'll turn a lot colder by thursday night, friday, through the weekend. tonight down to the low-to-mid 30s, but tomorrow only 45, with that rain by mid-morning moderate rain at times. 52 on thursday, maybe an early shower, and then here comes winter back here with some snowshowers, friday 36, saturday and sunday, still cold and a little bit warmer on monday, back in the 40s. let's go to monica, updating you on time saver traffic. >> i'm happy to say with the exception of the low lying fog and some possible icy conditions out on the roadways, we haven't had any major problems to deal with. here is what it look likes on the west side of town, no problems on the dulles toll road. on 66, it's going to be slow for you as you head through
5:50 am
centerville. the pace does improve once you head on the inpound side near route 123. i-95, the slow traffic, but no problems to report in spring field or on 395. in my next report, we'll take a look into maryland at 6:00. maryland isn't the only state considering a hike in the gas tax. as virginia lawmakers open their general system tomorrow, some are looking at increasing that tax by 5 cents, while many republicans say no, peggy fox talked to a local democrat who said the money for road improvements must come from somewhere. >> in my area the transportation nightmare has become an economic development program, because we can't
5:51 am
afford new businesses. >> reporter: because of a $500 million maintenance shortfall every year, money gets see phoned from construction just to upkeep the roads. democrats have argued for years that the gas tax needs to be raised. it's been 17 and a half cents for 26 years. >> 30% of the myles on our highways comes from out of state users, and we're allowing them a free ride. >> if you're driving a car that gets 25 miles a gallon and drive 15,000 miles a year, a nickel gas tax would cost you 30 bucks a year. it's not a lot of money. >> reporter: he said that 30 cents only has the purchasing power of 7 cents these days. >> i consider transportation particularly in virginia, where basically we own, operate, and maintain essentially, not
5:52 am
totally, but essentially the entire transportation structure, infrastructure in virginia, so i think it is a core service, and i do think money needs to come out of the general fund. making news now at 5:52, most of new hampshire starts dating in the nation's first primary this morning, but the ballots have already been counted in one tiny town. voter there is both at midnight. firefighters used helicopters trying to slow down a brush fire near san diego. this one is a rugged area, so crews had a tough time reaching it. at last report, the winds were fanning the flames down towards the pacific ocean. the new york film critic circle awards last night. brad pitt won for money ball
5:53 am
and the tree of life. meryl streep took best actress honors for playing the iron lady, which opens nationwide this friday. the national iranian american council will join us shortly to talk about policies in iran, and how to they fit into the chess game with the united states. who ar calling "mom"? dunkin' sausage pancake bites, delicious like mom's, only easier to carry -- get three for $1.59.
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guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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with all the fog the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory until 9:00 for those areas west of washington. all of those areas down from northern virginia, the shenandoah valley, visibilities have been low. half mile to a quarter-mile, some near zero at types, even into montgomery county, half mile. these areas here are not in the advisory, but in leonard town, some patchy dense fog, outside the advisory as well. sunshine will return after 9:00, lows in the mid-50s. >> an organization was born 20 years ago to fight homelessness. >> recently, the catalog of fill anthrapy named it one of
5:57 am
the best small chairties in the washington area. we take a closer look in this morning's heros central. >> i think if they're coming or not, and then i say, okay, i need to be strong, and i need to change my life, and i move. >> mariah was able to improve her life and provide a secure future for her two daughters. she is just one of many whose lives were dramatically changed by community lodgings. >> i've watched families come in, like a family will come in, and the negative look on their faces, and the, you know, just sadness, and then, you know, after a couple of months, they come in, is and they're smiling with me, saying, hey, bonnie. it's excites to watch their attitudes change in terms of i've got a handle on this. >> it is estimated that 10% of
5:58 am
all homeless people in northern virginia live in alexandria. besides providing transitional housing, community lodgings offers youth and adult education. >> my other daughter is 13, she is 7th grade, doing very well, she speaks, spanish, english, and now is studying german. and she got an a and b. >> reporter: low income and latino students come here and learn how to avoid gang activity. >> they come in, and are demoralized, and we show them that they can save money, that they can get better jobs, their children can be educated, that they can be educated, and they can make it. >> reporter: community lodgings is guiding families to independence and self
5:59 am
sufficiency. >> , we we talk about helping the homeless here in northern virginia, and alexandria, there's a dire need. we take families from the shelters, and work with them so they're independent, and it's successful. >> now, for more information on all of the programs offered by community lodgings, go toationy >> well, good morning, happy tuesday to you. >> harry is first with your weather first, and it's getting a little chilly. >> chillgy followly. dense fog advisories in effect for just about everybody west of i-95.


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